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How To Care Skin in Winter

By Ankit Singla on Thursday, November 10, 2011 0 comments

There is not that it was necessary to pay attention to her skin! Assaulted by wind, cold and heat, in winter, your skin becomes dry and feels tight ... It is subject to the test. It is therefore more than ever to feed and protect.

Here are our tips to keep skin radiant and healthy throughout the winter.

Little explanation ...

Your skin consists of several layers: the corneal surface, the most superficial epidermis, composed of several layers of cells, and the thicker dermis and deep, with vascularized nerve endings.

Against the attacks of an aggressive environment, your skin will react or vascular tissue. That's why it's important to take care of every day.

The basic rule

If there is a law that your skin should not derogate, daily hygiene. Cleaning and cleansing the face morning and night, the BA-ba Before being hydrated, your skin should first be cleansed and toned.

Conversely, too much attention to cleanliness: wash your face twice a day, nor at the risk of destroying your skin's natural defenses.

Hydration, user manual

Winter Skin CareBeautiful skin smooth, supple and luminous skin is well hydrated: For proof, one of the babies that contains up to 80% water!
But the winter, your skin tends to dry out: it feels tight, and it happens to you blushed to feel discomfort or even a certain roughness. What are the symptoms of dehydration.

To slow the loss of water, create a protective film that prevents water molecules from escaping.
To do this, use creams suited to rich textures that nourish and replenish the skin.
Am also a nourishing mask once or twice a week. Chosen them in preference to Shea butter or oil of Argan, full of vitamins and beneficial whose assets will repair your skin and help to face external aggressions.
Finally, use a richer cream for the night while you sleep, its active ingredients are compounded!

SOS anti-cold

- Think t'hydrater from within. We often forget to drink in winter. However, the heat radiator is draining than the sun ... Green tea is ideal: it warms, moisturizes, drains and made a nice skin!
- Do not forget to protect your lips with lip balms or sticks repairers.
In case of cracks, apply a thick layer as a mask several times a day: it will give you a look of skier and all soft pretty lips!
- Protects your hands: gloves are not always enough!
Apply a cream or balm fluid mass and the well-wrist to fingertips. Often based on petrolatum, shea, vegetable oils and silicone, they deposit a film screen protector.
If your hands are chapped, apply a thick layer of cream and let it lay during the night.

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