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How to Protect Skin and Lips in Winter

By Ankit Singla on Thursday, November 10, 2011 1 comment

Strategy against cold: how to protect your skin and lips in the winter!
Winter and its accompanying wind, humidity, cold and snow prove dangerous for our skin, especially when it is sensitive. What care and actions to protect the skin against the cold? How to keep beautiful skin all winter? How to protect your lips and hands?

In winter, clean your skin gently

In winter, the skin dries. His film becomes brittle and damaged hydrolipidic no longer fulfills its role properly fence. In addition, sebum production tends to decrease. Two good reasons to take care of her skin when the cold is coming!
Opt for one season milks and creams, rather than the products to rinse with water, and do not make more than a week scrub.

Skin that feels tight: we need more moisturizing!

Your skin begins to tug? Swap your usual cream for a cream fatter (and richer). Most of the brands offer versions of normal skin / dry skin of their products. Enjoy!
Apply morning and evening by warming in advance texture between your fingers so that the active penetrate better.
As a bonus, once a week, spread your face with a rich product, emphasizing the cheekbones and around the mouth.
Leave on for five minutes then remove with a Kleenex.
Of course, if you are exposed to the sun, you must use a high screen protection.

Stop the redness of the skin in cold weather!

At the slightest chill or temperature difference, the skin reacts rougissant.Pour remedy the problem, go for a specific treatment which, by isolating the skin, helps soothe while relieving congestion and boosting the microcirculation.
For the most sensitive skins and intolerant, be aware that this type of product does not use or potentially Outreach few ingredients (perfume, preservatives, etc.)..

Lips, hands, put under protection in winter

Because they have no oil glands, lips are hyper responsive to temperature changes, cold, wind and sun. She spoil quickly, dry and eventually crack. To preserve them, coat them with the environment nurturing and protective stick with vitamins and nourishing agents (cocoa butter, shea or spring water).
Ditto for hands, body part most exposed (and vulnerable) to the cold.

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