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Protection from cold in winter

By Ankit Singla on Sunday, November 13, 2011 2 comments

With the arrival of polar cold, how to help your body to better resist the assaults of winter. Follow our four tips:

What to eat?

In a cold environment, the body must produce more heat. It therefore needs more energy. So, it burns more calories.

Although there is no food that protects from the cold, do not neglect your diet.
"Opt for fruits and vegetables, foods rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
"Choosing fresh, which are particularly anti-oxidants. Eat pasta and starchy foods. These carbohydrates are a stock of carbohydrates, primarily used when the body shivers.
"Know that eating fat does not protect from the cold.

How to hydrate?

"Drink at least 1.5 L water per day, evenly distributed in small amounts throughout the day. Although we tend to drink less in winter adopt this reflex. Hydration is essential as the days of frost than heat. Especially in the mountains, where the dry air increases water loss.
"Apply the cream on oily parts exposed to the cold to minimize dehydration and evaporation of the water in the skin. The reflex classic wet his chapped lips. However, rehydrate with water aggravates the effects of cold.

Alcohol warms it?

"Avoid alcohol. Its vasodilatory effect promotes heat loss.
"Limit your consumption of tobacco. It compromises the microcirculation, particularly at the ends of the body. It increases the risk of frostbite.

Clothing: should overlap the layers?

Cold Protection"Go for the superposition of several layers of dry clothes, ending with a material windproof and waterproof.
"Cover your head and hands. Wearing a hat can reduce up to 50% loss of body heat.
"Avoid exposure to cold and wind. A wind at 30 km / h associated with a temperature of - 10 ° C causes the same sensation that a temperature of - 18 ° C in calm weather.
"Learn to discover during a prolonged physical effort. This allows evaporation and prevents the accumulation of sweat. Get dressed as soon as the effort is completed.

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will glennon said...

Wow, That's the information on how to protect our body in cold which I had been searching since long period of time. Finally I got the great post over it. Nice post. Thanks for your great inputs on Protection from cold in winter. Keep doing such a more posting on more topics, So we readers can get great benefits from your post.

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Danish Khan said...

Great article!!
You have explained it in very clear words.....
I have a question... I don;t drink, I don't smoke. When I eat warm foods in winter, I get pimples on my cheeks. Any treatment for that? Any lotion? Please do reply to my comment?

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